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Vishnevsky Leonid V.

Doctor of Engineering Sciences (the highest research degree), Professor


Head of the Department "Automation of Ships' Steam Power Plants" Odessa National Maritime Academy (Odessa)


Scientist in the field of electric power and automationDoctor of engineering sciences (1992), Professor (1994), 
Dean of the Faculty ofAutomation, Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA)

After graduating with honors from the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering of the Odessa Polytechnic Institute, worked as an engineer of the scientific sector in 1977, enrolled in graduate ONMA and in 1982 defended his thesis. From 1978 to 1993 was in charge of the performer and director of research for research and creation of management systems asynchronous generator complexes for the Ministry of the USSR. Published a monograph, has ten patents and over 80 scientific papers. In 1992 he graduated PhD and a doctorate in St. Petersburg.

Is a leading scientist in the field of ship power and automation, working in two specialized councils for doctoral and master's theses, prepares graduate students and doctoral students, has repeatedly been an opponent of scientific theses.

Since 1983, he began work as a lecturer Faculty of Automation ONMA since 1994, he became a professor. In 1993 he was appointed dean of the new Faculty of the Academy - the Faculty of Radio Electronics, which organized a training process, training and certification of marine radio specialists. Since 2003 Dean of the Faculty of Automation ONMA, is the organizer of the effective training of modern marine specialists, masters, postgraduate and doctoral students.

Elected an academician of the Academy of Communication of Ukraine and the International Academy of Informatization.

Awarded Diplomas and Emblem of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Excellent education in Ukraine, Emblem "For significant contribution to the development of a national training and certification of seafarers." 

Publications for the last three years:
Vishnevsky L.V.

1. Вишневский Л.В. Система нечеткого вывода о качестве переходных процессов в электроэнергетических установках / Войтецкий И.Е., Дао Минь Куан. – Электромашиностроение и электрооборудование. – К.: Техника. – 2009. – Вып. 74. – С. 18 - 21.

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3. Вишневский Л.В. Повышение качества импульсной системы стабилизации напряжения асинхронного генератора методом корневых годографов // Дао Минь Куан. – Судовые энергетические установки: науч.-техн. сб. –2010. – Вып. 25. – Одесса: ОНМА. – С.21– 25.

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