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Kharchenko Vyacheslav Sergeevich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


Head of the Department "Computer Systems and Networks" Kharkiv National Aerospace University named after V. E. Zhukovsky "HAI"

Biography Honored inventor of Ukraine, Professor Vyacheslav S. Kharchenko was born in 1952 in Kiev, Ukraine.
In 1974 he graduated from the Kharkov Higher Command Engineering Military School missile forces them. Marshal NI Krylov and qualified as "military electrical engineer" in "autonomous aircraft control systems and electrical equipment to process it."
After serving in the army (1974-1978 gg.), Studying in adjuncture and defending his doctoral thesis at the Military Academy. FE Dzerzhinsky (now the Military Academy of Peter the Great) (1981, thesis topic "Monitoring and diagnostic firmware automatic onboard control systems Methods") worked as a teacher (1981), senior lecturer (1986) and associate professor (1987) Department of technical Cybernetics. He graduated from the All-Union Institute of Patent Examination (1984-1986 gg.) And qualified as "patent engineer".
Since 1987, head of the department of automated control systems HVVKIURV, and since 1992 head of the department of management and operation of the rocket-space systems Kharkov Military University.
Professor (1992), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1995, dissertation theme "Theoretical Foundations of fault-tolerant digital systems with versioned redundancy").
Member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1994).
Member of IEEE (2002).
Member SERENE Work Group (Software Engineering for Resilient Systems) (2009) on the problems of Resilient Software and Systems, which is part of ERCIM.
Member of the Global Board (2008).

Since 2001. After his discharge from the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Head of the Department of computer systems and networks of the National Aerospace University. NOT. Zhukovsky "HAI".
Leading expert and consultant to a number of organizations and firms (the State Scientific and Technical Center of Nuclear and Radiation Safety (1997-2010.), ACS Certification Centre (since 2001), Scientific-Production Enterprise "Radiy" (from 2003)) .
The expert of the State Accreditation Commission in the section "Computer Science and Technology" (2001-2007 gg.). Expert Higher Accreditation Commission in the section "Telecommunications and electronics" (2008-2010 gg.).
In 2008 he was elected an academician-secretary (chairman) of the Department of dependable systems and technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics.
Professional experience:
Teaching disciplines and conduct training courses on digital automata synthesis, quality assurance and evaluation, reliability and security of software and systems on programmable logic.
5 Development of State (Development Manager 3 of them) and 8 industry standards (Development Manager 2 of them) in the field of management information systems and software for nuclear power and the aerospace industry.
Implementation and consulting expertise to support projects information and control systems, nuclear and aerospace systems.
Development and application of tools to assess the quality, reliability, and security information management systems, software, and devices on the programmable logic.
Awards and honors:
He received gold medals for their achievements at school (1969) and College (1974). In 1978 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the installation for the simulation firmware machines in 1981 - a medal "Labor Valor" for their achievements in research and development of rocket and space complexes control systems and tests.
Honored inventor of Ukraine (1990). He was awarded nominal hours of Ministers of Defense (1990, 1994, 1998.) For excellence in scientific research and training. In 1998, included in the book "Kharkiv higher school outstanding teachers." In 2002 he was awarded the Medal of Academician of the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics Pilyugina. He was awarded medals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Excellence in Higher Education" (2005) and "For success in science" . Obladatel "Icarus" award of the National Aerospace University "HAI" in the "Best scientist" nomination (2006) and 'best Head of the Chair "(2008). More than 30 awards and diplomas (national and regional level) for achievements in Science and Training (since 1974).
12 certificates for the best reports and the preparation of international and national conferences (since 1998.).
Scientific interests:
The development of the theory of multi-version systems, methods and tools to assess and ensure the reliability, survivability and operational security of critical control systems and information processing, creation of technologies and expertise of dependable nuclear power systems, aerospace systems, business-critical systems.
Author of 17 books, 5 books and 32 textbooks and manuals, more than 170 papers, including 65 articles and papers published in academic journals in Ukraine, Russia, Holland, NGF, USA. By more than 600 inventions, of whom over 100 put into production.
Organization of scientific and technical conferences, seminars and centers:
Organizer and supervisor of scientific and technical seminar "Reliability, survivability and safety of aircraft systems control systems" (1994-2000) and "Critical Computer Systems and Technologies" (2001.), Which has the status of the All-Ukrainian (http: //
Chairman of the 1-5-th International Conference "of dependable computer systems, services and technology", DEpendable Systems, SERvices & Technologies DESSERT 2006-2010 ( - http: // The last of them was attended by over 230 experts from 16 countries. Organizer 1stWorkshop on «Critical Infrastructure Safety and Security» (CrISS-DESSERT 2011,
Head of STC "of dependable computer systems, services and technology" ( DESSERT-center), UIC «STMicroelectronics-KhAI» on the basis of the university faculty.
Training of scientists:
Prepared by 1 doctor and 31 candidates of sciences (1988). Currently, scientific adviser and consultant 4 doctoral students, 16 graduate students and applicants. Supervisor 17 research projects (since 1987). The head of a number of projects on the problems of reliability and security of critical application of computer control systems.
Member of 9 specialized councils on thesis (since 1995).
He played an opponent to 11 doctoral and 23 master's theses.

List of publications
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  2. Kharchenko V. S., The Probabilistic Assessment of Surviability and Safety of an Unmanned Control System with Multistage Degradation by Use of QD-diagrams // Proceeding of 5th International Conference Probabilistic Safety Assessment, Osaka, Japan, November, 27 - December, 1, 2000, vol. 1. - P. 525 - 531.  
  3. Харченко В.С. Модели и алгоритмы реконфигурации адаптивных мажоритарно-резервированных систем // Автоматика и телемеханика, 2000, 12.89. - 101 с. 
  4. Kharchenko V. S., Cherepakhin D. A. Risk Analysis of Control System by Use of QD-diagrams and FMECA-approach // Proceeding of 12th European Conference of Safety and Reliability, Turin, Italy, September, 16 - 20, 2001. 
  5. Харченко В. С. Ястребенечкий М. А., Васильченко В. Н. Нормирование и оценка безопасности информационных и управляющих систем АЭС: регулирующие требования к програмному обеспечению // Ядерная и радиационная безопасность, 2002, № 1 - С. 18 - 33. 
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