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The underground conveyertransport systemof coal mines has a difficult self-similar dendritic structure. The failures of conveyers often result in the outages of lavas and, as a result, decreases productivity of the of conveyer transportsystem.
To increase carrying capacity of underground conveyer transport system of coal mines accumulative hoppers (temporal reservation)got wide application.However effective application of accumulative hoppers is limited to absence of the mathematical methods and software which can allowoptimizing the processes of functioning of conveyer transportsystems.
The mathematical models of functioning of conveyer transport system with a simple structure «conveyer –hopper–conveyer» are presently developed.
For conveyer transport systems with more difficult structure were obtained mainlysimulation models.
In the article we developedthe mathematical models of functioning of underground conveyer transport systemswith serial and parallel connection of hoppers, and also self-similar dendritic.
In the basis of mathematical model we putmethod of dynamics of average for Markov processes, in which elementary system the «conveyer - hopper - conveyer» is replaced by an element (by a conveyer) with the equivalent parameters of streams of failures and recoveries.
As a result we got recursive dependences for determination carrying capacity of the considered systems of conveyer transport.
The analysis of the these dependences showed that with the increasing of volumes of accumulative hoppers to defined value the carrying capacity of conveyer transport systemsis multiplied, and at the values of volumes of hoppers higher than this value –almost does not change.
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