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Considered is the construction of low-speed direct-current motor biinductor-type and, owing to the new design, providing a sufficient improvement of the number of unit indexes and the decreasing of the electrical power losses in static and dynamic moods of electrical drive can be used in electric drives of transport installations, lift assemblies, roll mills etc. An electric machine of bi-inductor type comprises stators with armature winding and a toroidal excitation winding, installed in a gap between the stators, a common windingless cylindrical rotor with ferromagnetic poles, a circular structure forming three stators made from magnetically non-connecting ferromagnetic W-type teeth elements compressor. The W-type teeth elements of shape are fixed in non-magnetic shields of stationary part and located symmetrically to the ferromagnetic poles of cylindrical rotor. The sections of the armature common winding are laid between the W-type teeth elements. At least two toroidal excitation winding are located in a gap between the stators. The ferromagnetic poles of cylindrical rotor relatively the central stator are located on each pole pitch, with relation to the end stators – next by one pitch.


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